GT transporter

Common vehicle transporters are equipped with a common ramp for loading vehicles, regardless of type. We are commonly known to be uncommon, and this is no exception!

Our GT Transporter, developed solely for vehicle transport, has a retractable/extendable plateau, allowing for ground-level loading of your vehicle. An extendable angle of 0 degrees is not a theoretical possibility, but a practical reality. The retractable/extendable plateau also allows for opening the vehicle doors without risk of damage. An amazing solution for loading and transporting automotive works of art.

The GT Transporter, along with other transport vehicles in our fleet, is a product of Pagenkopf in Bretten, a traditional company specializing in bodywork and automotive manufacturing that has held the trust of Marbach Concepte for many years. Stop in for a visit, whether virtual or in person, our friends are looking forward to seeing you:


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