Light Line Cartransporter

Our Light Line Transporter is the latest product that has been developed from the requirements of our customers. This vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of less than 7.5 tons. This enables us to avoid driving bans on Sundays and public holidays and thus to realise short-term and critical transports.
Due to its special construction, vehicles with a weight of up to 3 tons can be transported. The long loading ramps and the sloping rear avoid strong ramp angles. This means that even deep sports cars can be loaded without any problems.
Doors on the sides ensure comfortable securing of the vehicle.

The advantages of the Light Line Transporter are by no means only related to the customer. The environment also benefits. Compared to a traditional car transporter with a total weight of 12 tons, the vehicle has a consumption and CO² advantage of approx. 35%. Based on an annual mileage of 100,000 kilometres, this corresponds to a saving of 13 tonnes of CO² and 4920 litres of diesel.

At present there are 2 such vehicles in our fleet. We will continue to respond to the wishes of our customers in the future to find the best possible solution. According to our motto customer-oriented, quality-conscious, ready for development


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