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Through regular audits, both internal and external, we have our processes regularly checked

As a reliable partner, we cannot be indifferent to data protection. That’s why we are a successful TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) participant to ensure information security both within our own company and that of our customers and partners in the automotive sector.

Marbach Concepte takes the DIN Norm 9001 certification of their processes as a matter of course. Each and every one of our processes is clearly defined and established, allowing us to maintain a goodly measure of flexibility.

Regular in-house and external audits keep our QM system up to date.

Continous improvement

Only your critics give us the possibility to reach our goal – to improve ourselves continous.

If you have complaints or suggestions to our services, feel free to contact our team for quality per e-mail: service@marbach-concepte.de. If you would like, we will call you back. Thank you very much for your inquiries and the trust you have set in us.


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